When you look at the anime, Fisheye got recommended in the same way to Zoisite (as an effeminate homosexual man)

When you look at the anime, Fisheye got recommended in the same way to Zoisite (as an effeminate homosexual man)

in reality was perhaps most effeminate than Zoisite. Fisheye had not been in a stable relationship as well as over the course of Sailor Moon SuperS was actually attracted to a number of men, like Mamoru Chiba; he additionally had been a regular cross-dresser and commonly pretended becoming a woman to be able to try to bring in these men. One difference for this was at the occurrence 140, as he dressed up as a person whenever pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying that Usui had been freely homosexual themselves. In the manga, but Fisheye got a significantly smaller role, similar to that of a monster-of-the-day, and then he experimented with seduce Ami as an element of the inactive Moon’s systems.

Lover Canon

These try conjecture among lovers about possible homosexual/bisexual positioning among figures, through circumstances and innuendo, which frequently observed in follower canon.


Fiore’s fixation with Mamoru Chiba in the Sailor moonlight R film have brought numerous fans to conclude that Fiore ended up being gay. Ami Mizuno proposed that Mamoru ended up being favored by boys in mention of this inside the R glint promo codes flick, which directed the other women to jokingly contact her perverted. But is quite possible that the alien was just obsessed with Mamoru, as he ended up being the actual only real buddy Fiore could actually remember creating.

Live Action Zoisite

During the live-action collection, Zoisite was actually introduced as being defensive of Prince Endymion to the level of obsession. The guy wished to break up Endymion and Serenity, whom he decided not to rely on. This triggered the thought of Zoisite having an unrequited love for Endymion getting well-liked by fans. However, his targeting of Sailor Venus at her times as decoy princess, and his awesome subsequent cooperative effort with her to break upwards Usagi and Mamoru have brought some fans to advise both comprise interested in one another. [3]

Yoshiki Usui and His Associate

As has-been discussed, in episode 140 Fisheye pursued the affections of one (Yoshiki Usui) without approaching your in drag. This could show that Usui got honestly gay (or perhaps known or assumed become homosexual by Fisheye) and his awesome industry, fashion design, is sometimes stereotypically portrayed in fiction to be a vocation selection favored by gay people. Discover some implication that their associate might his lover, or at least feel keen on your, as Fisheye’s treatments brought about the two to row, and the two made-up after the episode after Fisheye kept. In addition, during the English dub the assistant is identified as Yoshiki Usui’s sibling; [4] this change happens to be mentioned by followers is reminiscent of the modification of Haruka and Michiru’s link to regarding cousins in identical dub. [4]

Saitou Sugao

The flamboyant and effeminate character of Minako’s supervisor inside live-action collection, Saitou Sugao, has directed many followers to believe he had been supposed to be introduced as homosexual. This had not ever been confirmed outright on display screen.

Even though the tv series’s protagonists and antagonists comprise mostly feminine, especially in the subsequent tale arcs, a number of guys had been displayed as homosexual into the collection, moreso for the anime continuity than somewhere else.


Listed below are characters with a homosexual intimate positioning which was made clear in a minumum of one version of the collection’ canon.

Kunzite and Zoisite

Both of these Shitennou happened to be delivered as homosexual devotee in the anime, also it was talked about in passing during the musical Sailor moonlight – Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (even though it got leftover uncertain in later musicals). Zoisite was presented since the young, a lot more immature of set in many of his measures the guy carried out for his commander and lover Kunzite. Both worked along on a few events and Zoisite made use of the suffix “sama” (?§?), a suffix which means big regard, when making reference to Kunzite. When Zoisite was slain, Kunzite approved him his latest want “to die beautifully” and surrounded him with blossoms; the guy also used a sizable grudge against wicked Prince Endymion who he held accountable for Zoisite’s passing. When Kunzite passed away, the guy labeled as aside Zoisite’s label. However, the manga failed to found the 2 contained in this light, and stuff Collection relates to their particular connection as being more like regarding brothers.

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